Getting Boho-Chic: My Bohemian Box Braids Journey

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I have been wearing braids as my go-to protective style as I continue my natural hair journey. While I started out getting my hair braided at braid shops, during the pandemic I started braiding my hair at home. With each time I feel the results have improved so I recently decided to add a little razzle-dazzle and try my hand at bohemian goddess box braids.

DIY Bohemian Box Braids: My Experience

Let me start out by saying this was not really my first attempt at this braid hairstyle. My first attempt was an absolute fail. It was too big, frizzy, and it just was not giving what I needed it to give.
Although I spent a lot of time adding the extra hair for the bohemian effect, I cut all of the pieces out after just one day. It just was not working for me.

black woman in the gym with bohemian box braids
My first attempt with bohemian box braids

With the Beyonce Renaissance tour approaching, I wanted to do something a little different with my hair. I mean it’s Beyonce! I had to add a little razzle-dazzle! I decided to try my hand at the bohemian style again. This time I did a little more research by reaching out to my sister who braids hair and also spent some time watching TikTok Videos.

After talking to my sister and paying a little more attention to the TikTok videos, I discovered one mistake I made the first time was using the wrong type of hair. I thought I could simply grab some curly or wavy crochet hair and go for it. That is not the case. For my first attempt I used this hair, although it wasn’t terrible and may work for some, it just wasn’t the look I wanted.
So what hair do you use? My sister shared the hair that she used and told me that I could also use this hair by FreeTress. One thing I noticed right away was the price, I thought to myself for that investment, I was going to MAKE this work!

My Process for Installing My Braids

There are a few ways you can install extra hair for the bohemian look when braiding. I knew right away that I did not want to feed in the extra hair during the braiding process. I didn’t want to use this method because I felt it would take a lot more time to install and I also have not perfected my feed in braiding. So I decided to install box braids as I normally would and attach the extra hair using the crochet method.

black woman with box braidsa
Right after installing, dipping braids, and applying mousse to fresh braids.
box braids with 27/30/613 mix
Another picture of my fresh braids after application.

After spending two days braiding my hair, I was finally ready to add the extra pieces. I went with this hair in a 27. I was a little bombed because I wanted to add two shades of blonde but this hair wasn’t available in a 613 and the wefted human hair was just too expensive for this project. The first few pieces were challenging to work with. I used nail glue to secure the pieces and prevent the hair from unraveling. I was a little apprehensive with the first couple of braids because I didn’t want the glue damaging my natural hair in the braids but after a couple of braids, I was able to perfect my process.

woman wearing black and whit stripe shirt with bohemian box braids
The final result…I like them!
bohemian box braids in color 27/30/613
One more pic of the final result. 🙂

Another thing I did differently this time is I used less hair. Last time, I felt I needed to add extra hair to every single braid. This time I went for a more bohemian look and I only added it to some of my braids. I was careful to consider the braid hairstyles I would be wearing to make sure the extra hair would fall properly once styled. I also followed up with mousse on the hair once installed.

Overall, I am pleased with the final results. I like them enough to take photos, post to social media, AND wear to the concert. Ok, who am I kidding, this style has me FEELING like a goddess! I love the final look! My only wish is that I could have added multiple colors with the extra hair. I will say the biggest factor in getting a successful outcome was the hair used, human hair or at least human hair master mix is a game changer for this style.

What about you? Have you tried bohemian goddess box braids?

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