Quality Black Owned Hair Care Brands to Try: Define Natural Hair Products

Looking for new, quality products to add to your hair care routine? No worries, I have you covered. I recently happened upon a line of black-owned hair care products. The brand, Define Natural Hair, creates products that are designed to improve manageability while maintaining the health of coily and curly hair. The product line features products to cleanse, condition, hydrate, and style coily, curly, kinky, and other different textures of hair.

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Braid Maintenance with Define Natural Hair

When I first received the products, I was wearing bohemian box braids. Although I was wearing a protective style, I still like to take care of my hair while in braids. I found several of the products would also work well on my hair while in braids.

I received the following products:
Cleanse (Shampoo)
Hydrate (Conditioner)
Kinks Kocktail (Leave-In)
Growth Elixir (Growth Oil)
Mane Tame Ing (Mousse)
Solution (Solution for Dry and Itchy Scalp)
High Gloss Almond Oil (Hair Glosser)
Concoction (Scalp Oil)

Although I am in a protective style, I still wash my hair. So I decided to do a wash day with the shampoo and leave in. I used the mousse to lay my edges down again after washing away the built-up edge control. In an effort to keep the itchies away, I used Solution on my scalp every other day after washing.
Overall, I believe the products gave a favorable result and I was able to get a few more weeks of wear out of my braids.

While I have only used these products on braided hair thus far, I can’t wait to give it a try on my natural tresses. I am going to try to wash and style my hair in a wash n go with these products and I will report back with my findings.

black owned hair care products by define natural hair

If you are searching for quality black-owned hair care products to add to your natural hair care regimen, I highly recommend checking out Define Natural Hair products.

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