What to Wear to a Summer Concert: Beyonce Concert Outfit

what to wear to a summer concert black tutu shorts black bodysuit and black chain boots

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After scoring tickets to the Beyonce Renaissance Tour concert my very first thought was “what will I wear?!”  I mean this is BEYONCE, the QUEEN!  I also knew there would be lots of singing, dancing, and LOTS of photos for social media. I knew that when looking for something to wear to this concert, I had to bring it! In this blog post, I am going to share my journey to deciding what to wear to a summer concert, the Beyonce edition!

what to wear to a summer concert black shorts with tutu black bodysuit black boots with chain
concert outfit ideas

Gathering Summer Concert Outfit Ideas

When I started searching for my concert look, here is what I knew: it was an outdoor concert, I needed comfortable shoes, it would be hot outside, and I wanted to make a statement.  I also considered the few visuals I had seen for the Renaissance Album which were chrome and cowboy hats.  One thing I knew immediately, I would NOT be wearing a cowboy hat.  Not only is my head super big but I am also just not a fan of hats.

I looked to Pinterest and TikTok to come up with ideas for my look.  I knew most people would wear silver from head to toe.  I knew I wanted to stand out so I tried to stay away from the head-to-toe silver looks.  My first idea was inspired by this photo.

what to wear to a summer concert black overskirt and black tank top
Summer Outdoor Concert Outfit Idea: Pinterest

I planned to wear boyshorts or biker shorts, a tube top, and a statement necklace.  I also planned to do a bold red lip, I felt it gave it the right amount of “umph”.  I also planned to trade the sheer skirt and wear a crochet skirt.  Well, Keke Palmer wore something similar to see Usher and it started a viral moment on social media.  I quickly decided to move in another direction.

Concert Outfit Idea #1

With the concert quickly approaching, I had to think fast.  I started considering denim and rhinestones.  If you have followed me for a while, you know shorts and I just don’t mix well.  Well, I decided I wanted to wear shorts for the concert.  I looked all over and outside of some custom denim and rhinestone shorts that were WAY out of my budget, these were the only denim shorts I could find in my size.  They were not giving the “statement vibes” I was looking for but I was just going to roll with it.  I ordered the shorts and hoped they would fit well.  I was considering a plain white crop top because you can’t go wrong with a simple top and some type of rhinestone necklace.  I really wanted blinged-out all-white Jordan One’s but I could not find them anywhere.

Concert Outfit Idea #2

Outdoor Concert Outfit: My Final Look

Then one night, the fashion gods came through for your girl.  I was scrolling on Aliexpress and I came across the PERFECT shorts.  The shorts were black satin with a tutu attached!  How CUTE!  The shorts also paired perfectly with a pair of boots that caught my eye.  After carefully reading the reviews, I ordered the shorts in a 3XL and hoped for the best.

The shorts arrived a week and a half before the concert and they were a perfect fit!  I still was unsure of what top I wanted to wear but I knew I wanted something simple.  After shopping my closet, I found this crisscross bodysuit that completed the look perfectly.  I hopped online and ordered the black chain boots, grabbed a pair of rhinestone statement earrings and I was ready for Beyonce!

Concert Outfit Idea #3

I have always heard that when you look better, you feel better.  Let me tell you, there is truth in that!  I felt so pretty and alive in this outfit!  I had a ball and I felt good.  This is the sign I needed that I need to challenge myself to wear more things that make me feel good.  I often water my outfits down because I have been afraid of drawing too much attention and the opinions of others but really, WHO CARES?  From here on out, I am going to do more of wearing things I like and that make me feel good!

what to wear to a summer concert black tutu shorts criss cross bodysuit and black chain boots
Summer Concert Outfit Idea: My Final Look
summer concert outfit ideas black bodysuit black tutu shorts black chain boots
Outdoor Summer Concert Outfit Idea: My Final Look
what to wear to a summer concert black bodysuit black tutu shorts black boots with chain detail
Beyonce Concert Outfit: My Final Look

As you can see, when choosing what to wear to a summer concert, you don’t always get it right the first time. It’s never a bad idea to come up with a couple of options when you are trying to decide what to wear.  If you are wondering what to wear to your next concert, hop on Pinterest and/or TikTok and gather some ideas.

When is the last time you wore a fun outfit?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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